Jennifer's  Music  Connection


Clients who have taken piano lesson's from Jennifer's Music connection share their thanks. Read what they have to say:

Jennifer's Music Connection has been a gift to so many, especially in the last fifteen years of our personal experiences. Jennifer has a gentle presence with students and works very diligently at maintaining a peaceful environment for teaching, practicing and learning the Piano.  It is a challenging instrument to master and Jennifer's patience and support makes all of the difference.  She recognizes the gift in music and instills it in her students.  She tries to encourage them through annual recitals, musical playing events, participation in National Music Piano Guild if students are ready and interested, and introduces other instrument opportunities through her Music Connection business. She involves musically motivated parents to participate alongside their child whenever possible especially when creating duets for performances.  She honors the gift of music as if it was a subject matter equally valuable in your students curriculum as Math, Reading, and Science.  When lessons sometimes get challenging, that was the most likely time that a learning curve may have been emerging. Rather than quitting, it was a time to embrace it as if it were a part of the everyday education curriculum. Both of my children were with Jennifer for 10 + years and now that they are in college, they always value their knowledge and talent for the Piano.  

With Great Sincerity, Camille (Mother of two students.  (January 22nd, 2010)